Dionne you are an exceptional life Coach and I wanted to say a big thank you for all the help and support you have given me.

It seems that the more time passes the more I realise how valuable our sessions were, I am now seeing the full benefit. It gave me the opportunity to think more clearly at a time of great change and upheaval. Without your encouragement I would have been very tempted to give up on my goals and aspirations. You kept me on the straight and narrow and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other clients.

After a few months of unemployment I am now back at work and I believe that the support that I received from my life coach helped me to redefine myself in a valuable way by helping me to recognize my skills, and by showing me where I might need to develop new attitudes and ways of managing myself.

I am now much more positive than I have been for a long while. I am doing a job that I would not have had the confidence to do or even apply for, had I not had the support I received from my coach. Dionne has been invaluable and I would recommend Dionne and life coaching to my friends, family and to colleagues at work.

When I first met Dionne, I was having trouble with managing my time, I was not productive and found it difficult to achieve even small business goals.

After having Dionne as my coach, in only a few short weeks I became more focused on my goals, big and small and noticed a huge difference in my business. Dionne helped me each step of the way, with her broad knowledge in business and customer care, as well as her beautiful personality I always felt that she had my very best interests at heart and would trust her with anything. I now consider Dionne as much, much more than just my life coach, she is a cherished friend. I have recommend her highly to all my friends and family, clients and colleagues!

My sessions with Dionne have enabled me to focus more clearly on my exact goals and define my strengths, whilst also motivating me to become the person that I truly am.

She has picked me uponthe occasions when I have met her and felt very low enabling me to focus on the positives. She's has enabled me to see the clarity on occasions when confusion was all I could see and has given me the steps necessary to achieve my goals in bite sized chunks

I have found Dionne to be source of wisdom.

She has often helped me to crystallize my own thoughts and direction. Her ability to coach me towards the optimal decision (on both a professional and personal level) continues to be of great value. She has both professionalism and balance. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Dionne.” her!

I had 20 minutes with Dionne and in that time she helped me refocus, I had a game plan of how to approach the meeting.

I really liked the use of a power colour to represent my positivity, and confidence. My meeting went well and I kept my job, not only that but I am performing better at work. If Dionne can help me do this in only a 20 minute session I can’t imagine how far I could go with more time with her!

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